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A Bookworm’s paradise

Welcome! If your appetite for reading is insatiable or you are a non-reader or occasional reader looking to pick up your next read and decode the mantra to a successful and happy life, then notsoboringreader is a place for you.

Are you an author wanting to reach readers?

If you have a flair for writing and have published your work, but want to reach more and more readers and make them notice your book, then notsoboringreader is a place for you.


What People Say

Dhruv provides quality reviews on the books he comes across. He is dedicated and does a thorough job of reading and reviewing the book honestly.

-Rahul Jain (Author)

Jane Doe

Dhruv is an avid reader and book lover. This makes his book-related blogs and content quite reliable. His creativity, coupled with his polite and professional attitude, makes him quite easy to work with.

-Manali Desai (Author)